The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Alliance

The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Alliance was chartered by the Georgetown University Alumni Association in October 2012. The Alliance connects a community of alumni entrepreneurs, serving as an aggregator and catalyst for innovation, investment and business opportunities.            

About Our Alumni Volunteers

The GEA is an organization that is built on volunteer efforts.  It was conceived by volunteers, and many of its original programs were developed and built by volunteers.  The organization bylaws, Web site, and Entrepreneur of the Year programs were all created through volunteer initiatives.

Why Get Involved?

By working to help build the organization, you become part of the most entrepreneurial initiative in the Georgetown ecosystem.  Benefits of volunteering with GEA include:

  • Connecting with fellow Hoyapreneurs:  As a volunteer leader, you will gain access to the core of the entrepreneur community.  Your role provides birds-eye access to the entrepreneur community, expanding your Georgetown network.

  • Giving Back:  As a volunteer, you get an opportunity to share hard-earned lessons and experience with other entrepreneurs.  You gain the natural fulfillment that comes from sharing your expertise and skills with fellow alumni who can benefit from what you have to offer. 

Available Roles

GEA is looking for volunteers in the areas below to help support our programs.  Don’t see a role that looks like a fit?  Send us an email so that we can find a role that aligns with your passions, interests, and goals.  


Do you live in a city with a significant entrepreneurial vibe or great group of Hoyapreneurs? Work with the GEA board to coordinate Hoyapreneur gatherings in your market ranging from networking events to panels.  Cities of particular focus are New York, Austin, San Francisco, and LA. GEA is also working on an inaugural Alumni Pitch Competition, John Carroll Weekend programming, webinars, and more. We could use your help in expanding our events, topics, and speaker offerings.

Not able to help plan events but have a venue you could offer for events? We would love to hear from you!


Help grow the GEA by recruiting new members, developing member benefits and on-boarding new members.


Are you "in the know" in the world of entrepreneurship? Do you have your finger on the pulse of entrepreneurship trend, alerts, and Hoyas in the news?  Experience with SquareSpace? A social media aficionado? The GEA has a social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, robust website and e-newsletter and we would love your help in making them even better.


Since 2013, the GEA has conferred Entrepreneur of the Year awards to outstanding Hoyapreneurs.  Help organize the awards process and ceremony, an exciting signature program for the GEA.


  • Present a webinar on an entrepreneurial topic in line with your area of expertise.
  • Host or sponsor an event for Georgetown Hoyapreneurs.
  • Offer a venue for future GEA events. 
  • Submit your hoyapreneur endeavor for our growing list of alumni owned businesses.
  • Apply to join Hoya Gateway to meet with students interested in entrepreneurship!
  • If you have other ideas for giving back, feel free to send an email to