Submission guidelines

Any member of the GEA Member may submit an event, article, product, service, job opening, or any other material that is relevant to other GEA members to be considered for publication to our newsletter and social media platforms.

All submissions will be reviewed by the criteria below and the GEA reserves the right to withhold any submission that it deems violates the criteria below. The GEA Board delegates this decision making authority to the Communication Chair, who has the authority and responsibility to evaluate opportunities according to the below criteria.

Criteria for Submission

  1. The GEA exists to foster a community of Georgetown alumni who are interested or engaged in entrepreneurship while strengthening Georgetown's unique brand of entrepreneurship that is fueled by its core values of service, diversity, and excellence. All submissions should promote these goals in spirit and in practice.

    1. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

      1. Sharing a news article about your company

      2. Promoting a reputable event about entrepreneurship

      3. Offering a discount to a conference of demonstrable value to start-ups

      4. Offering early access to a product/service beta

      5. Sharing competitions or opportunities for start-ups or entrepreneurs

  2. Our newsletters go out on a bi-weekly basis. In order to be considered for a newsletter, the GEA must receive the submission at least 1 week in advance of the send date.