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Pivot or Perish: What To Do When Startup Idea #1 Doesn't Go As Planned

This webinar will cover:  
• How to know if your startup is working, and what to do if it isn't
• The biggest threat facing your startup
• Personal experience of pivoting my company, Kapta, to an entirely different market, and how that changed the course of the company
• How to communicate with customers, team and investors
• Examples of famous pivots

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About the Presenter: 
Alex Raymond (SFS'98) is Founder and CEO of Kapta (, a VC-backed Account Management software company based in Boulder, Colorado. Kapta is funded by venture capital firms including Rally Ventures and Access Ventures and was part of the Techstars program in 2014. Prior to founding Kapta, Alex was CEO of Vast Talent, an online training company, and has had leadership roles at a number of leading software companies. Following his time at Georgetown, Alex has lived and worked in London, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. In addition to his degree from SFS, Alex has an MBA from INSEAD (2005). 

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