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The Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship and the Give-Back Model: How BOMBAS Made it Happen

Hoyapreneur Randy Goldberg (B'00) who is the founder and Chief Brand Officer for BOMBAS, is going to be presenting a webinar on social entrepreneurship, September 13th at 12:30pm. Bombas is a socially driven one-for-one sock company.

Bombas started out to do good. Before launching Bombas the team learned that socks were the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters.  That was all the spark they needed to create Bombas and get to work trying to solve this problem. One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated. 

But doing good didn't mean sacrificing on creating a great sock. Bombas are purpose built for athletic performance and engineered for extreme comfort. Developing their legendary Sock Tech, Bombas grew from an idea into a leading apparel manufacturer. 


Join Randy as he discusses his journey.

Building a consumer-facing company in today's world is no easy task. There is more competition than ever and consumers are extraordinarily savvy, so a great ad campaign is not enough to sway a purchase. But just as consumers have changed, so have the people starting companies. Since consumers crave authenticity in companies, founders now consider why they exist and what value their company will bring to the world before they open up shop. BOMBAS was founded to help solve a problem in the community and the marketplace. 

This presentation will explore the value of compassion in a consumer-facing company, the power of authenticity, and the challenges and opportunities of leading a purpose-led fashion company in 2016. 

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