Step 2: Add Articles to Squarespace

-Access to the GEA's Squarespace account

Time estimate: 1 - 3 hours to input ~10 quality articles

2.0 Queue Up the News Feed


1. After logging in, click "Pages"

2. Navigate to the "News Feed" option, which is in the "Not Linked" section

Click "Pages"

Click "Pages"

Click "News Feed"

Click "News Feed"

This is the News Feed Page where you eventually want to arrive.

This is the News Feed Page where you eventually want to arrive.

For earch article:

2.1 Create a new post

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 1.33.15 PM.png

1. Select the first article in the feed and click, "Edit." If we have already profiled the hoyapreneur before, then find that post and click edit there.

2. Click the "Duplicate" option in the footer. This will open up a duplicate window of the current post. You will be using the duplicated fields to help guide you.

2.2 Content Section


1. Edit the Name/GUSY of the Hoyapreneur. Be sure to format properly.

2.  Edit the description section. This will end up being the post that people see online and in the newsletter. Be sure to:

  • Bold the Name and GUSY
  • Link to the hoyapreneur's site
  • Link to any other relevant company's site
  • Link to the article in the Read More section
  • Write a catchy, yet pithy hook

3. Edit the tags. First, delete the name and company tag of the previous post (this can be tricky, but it's important!), keeping Hoyapreneur and the Category tag, Hoyapreneurs in the News. Then, add two additional tags, the entrepreneur's name and their company name. If we have profiled them before. They will auto-populate.

2.3 Options Section


1. Edit the Post URL.

  • This is important for SEO for the GEA and the entrepreneur.
  • Simply replace the current info with the current entrepreneur's name and company name
  • Keep everything after georgetown- 
  • If we have profiled them before, add a random number to the very end

2. Edit the Thumbnail Image

  • Search the article, the company website, and google for a good photo
  • This photo shows up full screen on our website, so it should be a large file size and of good quality - save the post and click on the post-in-progress to see if the photo looks good before moving forward.
  • Be sure to move the little circle over the face of the hoyapreneur to hone the focus and ensure their face does not get cut off.

3. Edit the Source Url (this is a simple copy & paste of the article URL)

4. Edit the Excerpt (also a copy and paste of the Description from the Content tab)

2.4 Social Section


1. Turn on the GU Eship Alliance and Phil Olive Facebook options.

2. To populate each (Twitter and Facebook) box

  • Copy and paste the Excerpt from the Options Section
  • Delete the "Read More" bit at the end (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
  • Copy and paste the Source URL from the Options Section to the end where the Read More used to be (THIS IS IMPORTANT)

3. Click "Save" on the footer and you are done with the draft of this post!

2.5 Schedule and save


1. Wait until you are done creating a draft of every article in the batch. Then, for each draft post:

2. Open the draft back up by hitting "Edit"



    3. Click "Draft" above the footer

    4. Click "Scheduled"


    5. Sometimes, it will automatically schedule the post for today at time in the not-too-distant future. If this happens, just click the "today at ...." part.

    6. Schedule the post

    7. Click "Save"